The Sour Family

A sour is a traditional family of mixed drinks. Common examples of sours are the Margarita, the Pisco Sour or the Sidecar. Sours belong to one of the old families of original cocktails and are described by Jerry Thomas in his 1862 book, « How to Mix Drinks ». Sours are mixed drinks containing a base liquor, lemon or lime juice, egg white, and a sweetener.

The Honey Sours Concept

Honey Sours are an original concept powered by Ugo Frabetti, based on the sours family with some keys-factors that are making  the

Through his carrier of mixologist and bar consultant around London and Paris, Ugo developped an
inventive mixed drink based on good quality Spirit (they are all working well), fresh lime juice, honey (acacia is usually finer and less strong in flavour, but any honey would do it), egg white (fresh is better but pastured works very well too) and parfumed with herbs, bitters or spices or any other natural aroma (could be a vegetable, a fruit or whatever you like).

The main idea come are from Julio Bermejo, creator of the famous Tommy`s Margarita. Ugo fell crazy for this tequila cocktail and decided to adapt it for its taste and for other spirits. Here came Ugo’s magic ingredient, honey … Since then, Ugo developped the honey approach and created the Honey Sour Concept.

Today, the Honey Sours basics are :
•    6cl (2 oz) of a good quality spirit
•    3cl (1 oz) of fresh lime juice
•    2cl (2/3 oz) of honey
•    2cl (2/3 oz) of egg white
•    bitters, herbs or spicies might be added to create a personalized flavour or aroma

This recipe  could be compared to a stilyst pair of trousers, made for the majority of people, but ready to adapted to your own taste and size. And Ugo developped several perfect drinks from these bases.